Abu Dhabi Coop

Abu Dhabi Coop

Abu Dhabi Coop opened the first ever supermarket in Abu Dhabi in 1981. Since then, Abu Dhabi Co-operative has sought to take on the hypermarket retail industry where others have failed. They quickly sought out new locations that would allow them to provide their customers with more than just necessities, but also sought to be the only hypermarket in town that offered customers an experience unlike any other hypermarket by providing a full service bakery, pharmacy, do it yourself photo studio and even ATM machines!


It is their mission to make sure that each and every customer has their shopping experience be the top priority. Their goal at ADCOOPS is to tailor the service, offerings, and promotions according to what they’ve learned about the individual customer. Make no mistake…they are dedicated to making the path to purchasing easy. No complexity or hassle – just simple solutions can be found at ADCOOPS!

High Quality Products

ADCOOPS carries an extensive selection of household grocery items needed by nearly every household on a daily basis. Their products are guaranteed to bring the greatest possible value to the consumers with greatest abilities. This is due to commitment toward supplying them with the highest quality products at extremely reasonable prices, with outstanding customer service to match. Our range of hundreds of different varieties provides consumers with incredible choice for their everyday routines, with options that are designed specifically for kids, seniors and all other types of lifestyles.

Trained Professional Team

We like to think that the best kind of customer service is when you’re surrounded by other people who are knowledgeable about the product you’re getting. So, their trained, customer-centric team is friendly and helpful. You can always approach them with any questions you have about products or delivery process.
In addition, their wide product knowledge will allow them to recommend specific solutions for your needs. They are also well versed in the quality standards of our products to assure you that they are fresh at all times.
Superstore Location in the Region

  2. Makani Shamkha
  3. Makani Zakher


The first ever supermarket in Abu Dhabi Coop opened at the Abu Dhabi Corniche, a shoreline area located on the east coast of Abu Dhabi Island. It boosted growth and represented a cultural change that cultivated growth in hypermarket retail stores for years to come. The store has now entered its 30th year, having grown to 13 strategic locations within Abu Dhabi. Its total retail space measures 27,000m2 and is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of shoppers who need their weekly supply of fresh produce and grocery items.

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