Ajman Cooperative Society

Ajman Cooperative Society

The Ajman Cooperative Society is the first independent Society established February 2008 in Ajman under Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Ministerial Resolution No. 58 of 2008 to provide the community with international retail trade practices to meet their needs for food, clothing and other products.

The Ajman Markets Cooperative Society is the largest and most well-known consumer’s cooperative in the Ajman emirate, with several branches located in various regions of Ajman including Al-Jurf, Al-Nuaimia, Al-Rumaila. The headquarters of the administration are located in Al-Rumaila region.

The Ajman Markets Cooperative Society has directly contributed to support price stability through the promotional campaigns it carries out throughout the year. Furthermore, these offers and promotions of real value in addition to the valuable prizes offered to its customers have resulted in attracting greater numbers of people to the cooperative society and making these institutions very prominent in retail business areas in Ajman Emirate.

Values of Ajman

Transparency: Working with integrity and transparency is important for generating loyalty in the eyes of your customers because this benefits our company’s credibility.

Honesty: This ensures that we can build trust between us, which eventually helps to generate loyalty in the eyes of our customers.

Quality: They offers the highest quality product and service in various aspects of our dealings and interactions with the community.

Responsibility: As a company that values its customers, believes that sense of responsibility is one of the basic values in the success and completion of our dealings with clients.

Innovation & creativity: The association seeks to find innovative solutions for all of its diverse customers and to deal with all difficulties in creative ways.

Cooperation: The association believes that cooperation raises its strength by raising the level of everyone who works with or on it scientifically and practically.

Commitment: The association works to fulfil all its material and moral obligations towards its contracts with others.


The Ajman Cooperative Society is expanding the retail market across Ajman emirate. Increasing profits, returns on stocks and profits of purchases to achieve the highest return for the shareholders of the association. Working with other shareholders in regulations and development plan investments in the production department to ensure up-to-date technological standards so clients can continue to benefit from high quality workmanship.

Taking excellent care of our employees and keeping them happy with their work environment. As a big software house we always look to take an active part in the community and employ as much local talent as we possibly can!

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