al ain cooperative society

Al Ain Cooperative Society

Over three decades of serving the Al Ain region with the largest chain of supermarkets, Al Ain Cooperative Society are the synonym for organized food retailing. With the largest chain of retail outlets spanning across the length and breadth of their region, Al Ain Supermarkets has committed itself to enhancing the social & economic welfare of its shareholders.

About Al Ain Cooperative Society

On December 5th, 1981, Al Ain Co-op opened its doors to the people of Al Ain. As the first co-operative society in the city, it’s done well for itself since its inception thirty years ago! Its members have participated in over 76 million transactions over the years spanning retail purchases to travel bookings. The Co-op has earned their trust because it respects that trust by giving you private details regarding your account at any time you need it.

Challenges while facing Expending Al Ain Co-Op Society

Al Ain Cooperative Society, the largest chain of retail stores in Al Ain, has been a market leader for over 40 years. During these years of experience, they have expanded their network of branches to include 29 retail venues and a huge warehouse (250,000 sq. ft.). Serving over 6 million customers every year, Al Ain Coop is here to offer you a wide variety of groceries on a national level as well as some imported items from neighboring Arab nations!

Al Ain Co-op was faced with a welcomed challenge of supporting its growing business when it came time to relocate its head office. Moving into newer, larger facilities provided the co-op with the opportunity to handle its needs more efficiently by overhauling an infrastructure whose original purpose was being stretched to meet new demands. To accommodate its business, Al Ain Coop considered expanding the number of services it provided in addition to an increase in logistical requirements with regards to storage and shipping. To ensure that this is handled correctly, they required properly maintained ICT infrastructure specific to their company’s needs rather than relying on what they had previously.


As one of the many kinds of “cooperative” businesses in the UAE, Al Ain Cooperative Society relies on what they call the “Build and Operate” retail strategy. This means that they design various kinds of retail services that not only serve their communities but also help develop them over time through regular interactions with customers. The stores themselves range from Hypermarkets to Urban Markets, all designed to make it convenient for Emiratis to be able to purchase items for daily needs, including groceries or other amenities like mobile phones.

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