Al Maya Group

Al Maya Group

Al Maya Group is a Dubai-based conglomerate established in 1982 by a pioneering and inspiring businessman. The Group employs more than 5,000 people from 30 different nationalities. They offer FMCG distribution and retail solutions for international and regional brands worldwide. Our lead markets include the UAE and GCC, where we currently operate over 90 retail stores: supermarkets, Kohls, and Borders.

Al Maya Business Model

With over 30 brands, Al Maya has a unique and diverse range of products that deliver to consumers’ needs and requirements at any age.

Retail: Al Maya Distribution warehouse is enormous and holds one of the region’s most extensive distribution and logistics centers. It meets international food safety standards, and its safety monitoring system is accredited with HACCP, ISO 22000: 2005.

Bake Hub Bakery: state of the art operating 24/7 365 days, operates on all major holidays. The central baking facility specializes in French pastries, European loaves and rolls, and French-themed desserts.

FMCG: Al Maya Group has successfully introduced more than 50 world-class food brands to the region, with tens of thousands of square feet of storage space at their logistics and distribution facility.

Apparel: Al Maya has confirmed distribution partnerships with key apparel brands worldwide, including sportswear, fashion wear, and intimates.

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