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Al Maya Offers Group is a diverse company with its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was established in 1982 by its founder, L.K.Pagarani, and successfully completed 34 years in 2016. The Group’s core business is Food and Non-Food Distribution and Supermarkets. Product lines include food items, cosmetics, household goods and more!

Additionally, Al Maya Group also offers types of businesses that provide franchise assistance to help build your brand relationships while they take care of the hard work. One of their top offerings is Mom & Me which allows companies to expand their business by leveraging on franchise arrangements instead of investing capital directly into the company. This allows you to focus on maintaining your operations and increasing revenue from an existing client base or one using your product.

Al Maya Offers and Promotions: What’s the Difference?

Al Maya provides two different types of offers and promotions to clients. The difference between these two pieces of content is that an offer is focused on the individual product or service while a promotion has more general themes.

Al Maya are a set of recommendations for clients looking to buy a product or service. These recommendations have been created by Al Maya’s content experts who have researched and analyzed the most relevant topics, including industry trends, success metrics, and customer experiences.

Promotions are short-term discounts that can last anywhere from a few hours to several weeks and are generated on the fly when someone visits the site’s homepage. Promotions can also be used as incentives for visitors to complete specific tasks like filling out a contact form or subscribing to newsletters. Promotions may have specific themes related to


Al Maya offers are usually created to offer discounts on certain items. The best part about an Al Maya offer is that the customer would receive the discount instantly in their wallet without needing any physical receipts or vouchers. This makes it easier for customers to use them later on as well as reduces admin workload for businesses too!

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