Ansar Gallery

Ansar Gallery

Ansar Gallery Group of Companies is recognized for its varied range of famous brands when it comes to consumer products. Having established shopping hubs in seventeen famous locations across GCC countries that are individually tailored to meet each market’s specific needs and requirements, the group attracts many visitors year-round.

The journey began in 1980 with a single store for a retail business called the New World Company. Several years later, in 1987, Ansar was established to open up their newly sophisticated shopping center called the New World Centre.

Ansar Group, UAE, is a shopping gallery for your mind and heart. Ansar Group, Dubai, UAE, was established in 2012 located in the Muraqqabat district of Deira. Ansar has become a household name known worldwide and across generations for its landmark malls and exquisite designs. Emirati Businessman Omar bin Saad Al Suwaidi founded Ansar Group in 1976 with the dream to create durable investments for future generations – just as it has been with his own family’s heritage in real estate development here in the Emirates.

The company soon grew into one of the most successful commercial organizations providing shopping malls within Deira Dubai, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates, Sharjah UAE, and Al Ain UAE with over 3 million square feet of retail space under its portfolio, including many internationally recognized brands. As a group of renowned businessmen, they have ensured that each venture is respectful of Middle Eastern culture while bringing a touch of western-like modernity.


Ansar Gallery group family manages a lot of products and inventory across the globe to meet customers’ demands. We’re dedicated to bringing unique and quality goods to our customers promptly.

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