Baniyas Co-operative Society

Baniyas Co-operative Society

Baniyas Co-operative Society, one of the oldest building supply cooperative societies in Abu Dhabi is an integral part of the fabric of life in this region. Established in 1980, the retail supply grocery store has been providing various goods and services to all kinds of people at very competitive rates ever since it was founded. It provides quality goods that are produced locally which support the economy by sustaining its growth.

The cooperative society is partly owned by wealthy investors who obtain regular dividends based on their investment. Bani Yas offers advice to local investors about investments without charging commission fees.

Brief History Baniyas Co-operative Society

Founded in 1980, Bani Yas Coop has come a long way since then. They were first established as a self-sustaining and independent co-operative society. Soon after that, they began growing rapidly which led to their expansion in 1989 through a special decree to meet the growing demand for its products, which currently include supermarkets and retail stores located around the UAE.

They have been continually expanding ever since. They now have over 3,000 employees working for them who are all working toward the same goal of providing quality goods at competitive prices with customer service that exceeds expectations at all times.

Recent Developments

In December 2014, Bani Yas Coop formed its investment and property development branch, AI Resala. This branch will be responsible for the redevelopment of the main branches.
In recent year the opening of their first community market, and named as Sarab Community Market, this project will utilize 9,000 square meters and is estimated to cost 42 million dirhams. The Sarab Community Market Project shares the municipality’s vision and commitment to establishing modern and educational leisure facilities that provide its citizens with diverse recreational facilities; ensuring high standards of decency for all who live there.


BBaniyas Co-operative Society prides itself on putting clients’ needs before anything else. They aim to provide all customers with quality products and services, making sure that everyone is aware of the latest trends available on the marketplace. In addition to carrying a broad range of tried-and-tested products, BCS also runs periodic promotions to ensure discounts on brand new items while providing customers with extra savings whenever possible.

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