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Baskin Robbins Offers and Promotions

When you hear the words ice cream, Baskin Robbins Offers has been dedicated to producing the finest ice cream and most appetizing frozen desserts as well as providing fellow customers with courteous and helpful service. As of today, Baskin-Robbins has over 850 stores in the region, which makes us the largest QSR company around!

When you walk into a Baskin-Robbins store today, you are going to experience an exciting atmosphere that is completely different from any store you’ve ever been inside before. Why? – Because we make everything in house! That includes our delicious ice cream, delectable frozen treats & handmade cakes and pastries. You will have no problem deciding what it is you wish to have that day because we offer well over 1,300 flavors for your choosing so it never gets boring. Additionally, every flavor on our menu is available in many size choices so there’s always something for everyone!

About Baskin-Robbins

It all began back in 1947 in California, USA, when two colleagues Burt Baskin and Irvine Robbins took up an exciting opportunity by deciding to launch their own business venture together. Even though they were not related, the two men referred to themselves as brothers-in-law, Burt being married to Irv’s sister. Managing a team for the first time must have come with its ups and downs however these entrepreneurs believed very strongly in the concept of choice – believing that people should be able to have what they want and do what they wish, so they offered various flavours of ice cream which soon led to their most popular product: your favourite pink spoon. Concepts such as this one also represent beliefs held by many companies today such as our brand which now offers 1200 different recipes allowing you to choose from a wide range of options depending on your personal preferences!

Since 1962, Galadari Ice Cream Co. has been operating Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts in Middle East. The first international brand to open in the region, Galadari Ice Cream is the largest franchisee of Baskin Robbins worldwide and the largest QSR brand in the GCC. With a network of over 950 restaurants, it maintains an ambitious vision of growing even larger.

Baskin Robbins National Day Offers and Promotions

Baskin Robbins is offering a special deal for National Day on Thursday: consumers can buy two ice cream cakes at half price. The pack, which normally costs Dh99, will be available for the special price of only Dh50. The Baskin Robbins Happiness Pack includes two ice cream off-the-rack cakes (of the customer’s choice), two dry toppings (of the customer’s choice), and a premium ceramic scoop and 10 sugar cones.

This offer runs for a period of time, beginning on November 29th. It is available to all stores and staff via (the phone number). There are only certain flavors it’s applicable on.

Baskin Robbins End of the Month Offers and Promotions

End the month with ice cream, as Baskin Robbins is offering all of its fans 31% off just in time for the weekend! Starting today till Monday, shop at any of the nearby locations where you can purchase either a Take Home Pack or Ice Cream Scoop Sundae to get the discounted pricing. Get a FREE Junior scoop sundae this Monday when you buy your regular-sized scoop sundae!


Baskin Robbins Offers and promotions are a great way to enjoy your favorite ice cream at the best possible price. From Buy 3 Get 3 Free to Half Price Sundaes, Baskin-Robbins has something for everyone. The company’s wide variety of offers is only rivaled by its expansive menu of delicious flavors.

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