emirates cooperative society

Emirates Cooperative Society

The Emirates Cooperative Society (ECS) was established on 16th November 1994 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to further the economic development of the country. They were incorporated under law No.13 of 1976 and registered under the Department of Economic Development. On 1st January 2000, ECS went multi-national with their presence spread across 20 member states all over Europe (except for Denmark).

A new form of retail co-operative has been launched in the UAE. It was launched under the guidance of the rulers of Dubai with overwhelming support from UAE nationals who are shareholders, each with an investment value of 3371 AED.

Their mission is to provide the highest quality services and products for a reasonable price. We achieve this by effectively managing our resources while continually focusing on growth and development.

Key Objective of Emirates CO-operative Society

Founded over 30 years ago, the Emirates Cooperative Society has grown to become a major contributor to the development of Dubai. They are committed to providing top quality products and outstanding service, while remaining customer focused.

In addition, they offer fresh produce, dairy, bakery items, seafood, meats, personal care items and household merchandise – most available 24 hours a day! As a member-owned cooperative society with over 5 thousand shareholders living in Dubai, they understand the needs of the community. The fully air-conditioned retail centres are strategically located to provide optimal convenience for our all our members across the country.

Furthermore, they are incredibly ecstatic about the World Expo 2020 in 2020-2021/2022 and launched 2 additional malls alongside the expo.


Emirates Co-operative Society is a business in Dubai whose main aim is to import and export a variety of goods in the Gulf region. The company imports a range of products from across the world to the Middle East, including household items such as tomatoes from Spain and toilet paper from China. ECS also trades in technology, specifically computers and ICT equipment. In addition, they supply consumer electronics through their sister companies in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

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