fathima supermarket

Fathima Supermarket

The Fathima Supermarket Group of companies was established by a family with humble beginnings, and their ability to adapt with the time will be what keeps them successful. Since 1973, they have gone from humble beginnings in Abu Dhabi to becoming one of the leading forces in retail throughout the region. This is an achievement that any company would be proud to admit to – not to mention one created by a foundation that was founded on traits like humility and hard work!

The group’s ability to adapt so readily throughout the decades has only helped it grow more over time, particularly due to its excellent relationships with customers throughout its numerous locations.

How Fathima Supermarket Become a name of excellence

Started as a small store in the neighborhood, they are now 45 years later, 4000 employees strong herding beasts. They are diversified regional group who based his development on its founding values of honesty, innovation and friendliness. The position in the GCC is pushing us to further develop our retail activities by reinforcing our brand visibility and develop new retail formats under the Fathima brand in the Gulf countries.


Fathima Supermarket What began as a humble store 4 decades ago grew to become a diverse and influential Group of Companies, comprising retail and ancillary sectors, and employing more than 4000 professionals. Our core values – honesty, friendliness and innovation – have weaved the fabric of the team we’ve grown into today – one united by its common purpose – to meet needs and exceed expectations.

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