Geant Hypermarket Dubai

Geant Hypermarket Dubai

Geant Hypermarket Dubai Whether you’re looking for delicious mince pies, chocolates or even great wines you’ll be sure to find whatever you need at one of these Human Scaled Hypermarkets. A new experience that’s got your needs like fresh air in mind with vegetable stalls where vegetables are able to breathe, instead of being wrapped up in plastic bags. They have everything from treats for children to foods for guests invited round.

History Geant Hypermarket UAE

Géant was founded in 1970. As of December 2015, Géant Casino has 142 hypermarkets located across the globe. Hypermarket stores are essentially large grocery stores that include all sorts of items under one roof; this is the concept behind most large grocery store chains including Géant Casino. The company introduced its own loyalty card system that grants shoppers with a range of rewards and discounts on certain items like groceries (this is usually something that makes or breaks whether or not somebody will use an offered reward program). At the time of writing there are over two million registered card owners which positions Géant Casino as the 5th largest hypermarket chain in the world along with being 4th largest in France after Carrefour, E.Leclerc and Auchan respectively.

Operations in the Middle East

Fu-Com joined forces with Groupe Casino to bring the hypermarket brand Géant to the Middle East. The first Géant hypermarket opened in Bahrain in 2001, and further expansion into the region occurred when more stores were opened in Dubai (2005) and Abu Dhabi (2015).

The Majid Al Futtaim Group, a Dubai-based corporation, recently acquired 26 Geant Hypermarkets (and one one-stop shop) within the UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait by buying out their franchise owners. The stores were then renamed as Carrefour Hypermart and Carrefour Market hypermarket depending on their store format or size.


Geant Hypermarket Dubai In 2004, the leading french distribution company Groupe Casino was able to purchase a distributorship with a french supermarket chain called ‘Al Meera’ in the country-region of Qatar. The deal made it possible for Groupe casino to distribute products from its main subsidiary like wines and spirits – such as Champion’s league or Poker line – inside Al Meera stores in Qatar and vice versa.

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