grand hypermarket

Grand Hypermarket

Today, Grand Hypermarket Store is at the frontier of intelligent retail by establishing more than 60 shops in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait to expand throughout the Middle East and India. They are constantly exploring new ways to provide our customers with a unique & innovative experience.

As technology has evolved with the advent of new advancements, so too have customers’ needs. The retail shopping experience has significantly changed through time with online shopping. They are constantly adapting to keep up with the customers’ changing habits and services.

Brief History Grand market

The Grand Hypermarket first came about in 1994 with the Regency Group for Corporate Management, founded by the late visionary Mr. Aslam Bin Mohiyuddin. He had a dream that he wanted his company to be successful as a business and as a source for helping those less fortunate, and through this vision, The Grand store was born.

Types Of Grand Store

Grand Hypermarket has a variety of stores across the Middle East. Some of these include retail stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and many more.

Grand Shopping Mall
Grand Hypermarkets

Grand Supermarkets
Grand Wholesale

Grand Xpress
Grand Convenience Stores

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