Hashim Hypermarket

Hashim Hypermarket

Hashim Hypermarket began in 1979. Since then, they have become one of the prime food retailers in the emirate of Ajman. The founders started this business with a single store space where they focused on spices. Once the popularity of their products grew, they were able to offer more products like canned food and so on. Over the past four decades, Hashim culture has grown progressively to include grocery food, non-food products like health & beauty items, fresh foods, herbs, spices & nuts.

Brief History Hashim Hypermarket

Hashim Hypermarket was founded in 1979 by the Hashim family. By the early 1990s, the organization became one of Ajman’s most prominent food retailers, known throughout the emirate for excellent customer service. Its first store was opened right here in Ajman City Centre, where it originally focused on selling spices. The chain expanded its line to canned foods, other dry groceries and even cake mixes around this time. One of the most interesting things about our commitment to this business is that we continue to expand what kinds of products are available at all of our locations. Today you’ll find everything from pates and oils to fresh produce, healthy snacks and cosmetics at Hashim Hypermarket!


• To help the customers live their lives to the fullest with quality products readily available in the store at competitive prices while helping them make informed purchase
• To differentiate the business model through an effective organizational strategy and thorough innovation.
• Provide customers with the most authentic and quality products available in the market.
• Building a positive relationship with customers based on respect and understanding.


Customers prefer shopping at hashim market because products are fresh, grade turning and authentic. With over 300 spices, herbs and flours of the highest quality gracing the selves, hashim market is a destination offering unique selections from all over the world. Sourced in whole form whenever possible, our own mill serves freshly ground spices & flour and special blends of coffee prepared on request.

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