Istanbul Supermarket

Istanbul Supermarket

For years, Istanbul Supermarket FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Division has partnered up closely with many trading entities for the purpose of providing their customers and consumers with a complete experience of quality, variety, and service that is needed within the business. The main point of operations in its HQ and Central Warehouse based in Sharjah, Al Wahda Street (this location became known as the gateway to Dubai), it’s from here it takes off to spread its operation to other emirates too. With 400+ people on staff, combining over years of experience in the specialty and food industry, they are experts at understanding what their consumers will want next.

This broad base of expertise is just one example of the measure by which they have come to understand how important it is not only being aware of trends outside your company’s main industry but also staying up-to-date on what’s new inside it.

Brief History Istanbul Supermarket

Istanbul Supermarket was founded in 1988. When first introduced to the market, Istanbul Supermarket was first established as a small shop within the heart of Abu Dhabi, specializing in imported groceries and home goods. At first it struggled to make its name known amongst other competitors like Panda or Carrefour.

What began as a small shop/warehouse has now blossomed into a leading chain of 16 supermarkets across the UAE. They quickly grew into a steady business that aimed to provide the best service possible to its wide range of consumers, who appreciated the convenient locations just as much as they enjoyed the vast array of products available for purchase. The ease with which you can experience all of your shopping needs under one roof has always been one of our proudest achievements!


Istanbul Supermarket strives to fulfill its mission of becoming the most convenient shopping experience for its loyal customers by maintaining a competitive edge in its sector of the retail industry and securing multiple opportunities to expand further through constant innovation. As a result, it become a truly global company by retaining the No.1 position in the retail sector of the regions we operate in while striving to be the most preferred employer for employees across all ethnicities.

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