kenz hypermarket uae

Kenz Hypermarket Uae

Kenz Hypermarket Uae is a prime example of an international retailer devoted to taking customers on a journey to find value and quality. Their flagship store spans a surface area of 160000 square feet, making it the largest shopping center in Ajman. As a brand, KENZ upholds its mission to ignite the passion for life through innovation and apply this core value to every corner of its business, from manufacturing to marketing.

The dedicated staff at KENZ understands the importance of allowing all consumers access to satisfy their needs without complications. In addition, they know where the market is heading and how to respond accordingly by participating in retail trade shows and conferences pertinent to the industry.

Brief History Kenz Hypermarket

KENZ Hypermarket is an integral part of the Saudia Group of Companies. The Saudia Group is renowned for its supermarket and hypermarket products. The company has been around since 1985, and during that time, has committed itself to provide customers with the best quality products while maintaining a genuine reputation among mutual investors and key partners.

KENZ What they Offer

They specialize in offering their customers a vast array of products, whether fashion accessories or goods for your home. They consider themselves a one-stop shopping destination for fresh foods, groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and more. And whether you’re searching for electronics or mobile phones that are just released on the market or want to get some home appliances like ovens and refrigerators during your visit, they’ve got them all.

In addition, They offer services that include fish counter sales, fruit and vegetable sections, meat counters with all kinds of different meats: beef, poultry & pork products (with every trimmings!), bakery counter and cake shop as well as prepared meals such as pizzas and pastas!

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