Lulu Hypermarket Uae

Lulu Hypermarket UAE

Lulu Hypermarket UAE Group International is a prominent multinational conglomerate company with its corporate headquarters in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Founded in 2000 by a prominent entrepreneur from Kerala, India called M. A. Yusuff Ali, the LuLu Group has recently been expanding its network of hypermarkets and retail outlets throughout both the Gulf region and internationally.

Lulu Group is a division of the LuLu Group International and their head office is located in Kochi, Kerala. They own over 215 food establishments – the majority of which are hypermarkets – that employ nearly 21,000 people and serve up to 12 million customers per month (Malaysia). Two retailers and one mall and three others at the Guinness Book of Records for maximum people served.

History Lulu Hypermarket UAE

Lulu Group International opened its first supermarket in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in 1995. That year marked an important time for the Middle Eastern retail industry, as Continent (now Carrefour) and Lulu both established themselves and began to compete for clients. Lulu’s stores were very popular amongst citizens because of their convenience and competitive pricing. The group also expanded into other emirates, with stores throughout Dubai by the late-1990s . Though Lulu remains highly successful today, competition has increased radically since they first gathered popularity in the region over two decades ago.

In 2000, the first Lulu Hypermarket opened in Dubai. Growing to a chain with multiple outlets across the United Arab Emirates and neighboring countries, our supermarkets were hugely popular. It was fun working at Lulu and we never had to worry about where we’d get our next paycheck because everyone knew it would show up on time.
Lulu Operates Internationally

LuLu Group ventured into the United Kingdom in 2013 by opening a logistics and packaging facility. This center procures and exports food, non-food, chilled and frozen products of British origin across the Gulf countries to the company’s supermarkets. The facility also handles date coding and labelling for different countries, translation of labels, Halal and other relevant certifications. 60 local citizens of Great Britain are employed at the facility with hopes that 200 more will join them shortly down the road.


A major player in the economic scene of the Middle East which boasts an annual turnover of $7.4 billion and a staff force of 50,000+. The company’s worldwide activities cover the business divisions of retail segments for its super market brand, shopping malls destinations, food processing plants, wholesale distribution, hospitality properties and real estate development. The corporation has retail stores present in UAE, India, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Egypt; with distribution companies located in India US Europe Middle East countries Philippines Malaysia and Indonesia. Moreover more trading offices are expected to rise Turkey Vietnam

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