Safari Hypermarket

Safari Hypermarket

Safari Hypermarket Group has been around since 2005 and was founded on the principles of establishing a family-like culture while providing customers with the best service and selection. This blossoming company has developed and created exceptional businesses in fields such as telecommunications, education, and transportation: all while creating a new branch for its parent company to focus on delivering quality goods at unbeatable prices.

Safari Group of Companies is an umbrella brand by the name of Safari. The idea behind this brand was to deliver products to Qataris at low costs yet maintaining high quality and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for many years now. Our main goal has always been to provides products and services that meets everyone’s needs because we understand that not all customers have the same needs and expectations when it comes to service and products.

Safari Hypermarket History

Established in 1995, Safari has continued to expand its commercial sector ventures since 2005 with the founding of the first retail location – Safari Hyper Market – near Salwa Road in Doha, Qatar. Since then, as one of the top commercial ventures in Qatar at “unbeatable pricing” and an expanding customer base, the group consistently maintains business practices that aim to satisfy all parties involved for a prosperous and enduring relationship.

Safari Team Mission & Vision

Mission: The Safari team believes and follows its cardinal philosophy: ‘Customer is King.’ This guides all of the team’s goals, which are aligned to converge at this point. The workforce is made up of over 1800 zealous and steadfast employees, split up among many departments, led by able managers who aim to achieve the goal for customers above all else. Quality service at affordable prices is always one of Safari’s best features, not to mention prompt delivery in the utmost professional manner.

Vision: Safari has continuously invested in the upkeep of their brand, and there is no difference with this release. The Safari team ensures that each product is of supreme quality, given their commitment to providing only the best to their consumers; thus fostering a mutually beneficial relationship. Safari invests in keeping retailers well stocked by maintaining and expanding on supply routes and reserves due to high demand of Safari products and seek more powerful ways of maximizing profits while minimizing risks. Also, they invest in new technologies to deliver a better shopping experience that is seamless and hassle-free for purchasers.


Safari Hypermarket caters to the needs of the wholesome people, taking pride in presenting thoughtful goods and services that are specially crafted to match the mind, heart & wallet of each individual. Safari combines quality with competitive rates, redoubling the standard of satisfaction not only for their own customers but for everyone around them as well!

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