Sharaf Dg UAE

Sharaf Dg UAE

Sharaf Dg UAE is an exciting East Coast-born consumer electronics and home appliances brand that has quickly found itself on the map after inaugurating in 2005 as a 15,000 sq. ft BIG-Box concept store in Dubai. The company’s good fortune has allowed it to garner 33 locations throughout the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt & Oman today, and still more openings in the pipeline soon!

Sharaf DG is known for its outstanding collection of electronics and accessories for all your needs. They offer you a wide variety of electronic brands at competitive prices and the best customer service to help you find just what you are looking for, whether it’s a laptop, printer, or pair of headphones.

Brief History Sharaf DG UAE

Sharaf Dg UAE Group is one of the most prominent conglomerates in the United Arab Emirates. Founded under two enterprising brothers, Ibrahim Sharaf and Sharaffudin Sharaf, this business enterprise has earned its reputation for greatness by operating a wide variety of affiliated companies in more than six distinct business sectors. These include Information Technology; Shipping; Retail; Real Estate; Financial Services; Consumer Products; Travel and Tourism, and Construction.

Sharaf Group was formally established in 1975; it’s an association of over forty companies that span over thirty different countries.

At the onset of its success, the Sharaf Group began by staking its reputation on financial integrity. They were then able to step up and spread their wings, so to speak, and build a reputation for quality in other areas as well. The company’s current staff is made up of people who are not only reliable but also goal-oriented and goal-driven because they’re trustworthy employees with a sense of responsibility instilled in them that the company takes pride in!

What More Sharaf DG Offers

SSharaf Dg UAE has taken care of every consumer’s need and is now providing not just one but multiple formats to fulfill a variety of users. For example, Sharaf DG4U stores are small-scale outlets that house the fastest-selling models across all electronic and IT product categories. On the other hand, DG+ boutiques are chic, trendy stores that provide customers with high-end lifestyle products.

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