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Union Coop UAE

Union Coop UAE is one of the biggest chains of supermarkets in Dubai with 10 branches across the city, all of them open 24/7 for your convenience. It offers a wide range of products at prices that are more affordable than other stores on the market.

The first Union Co-Operative Society branch was opened in 1982 by a group of young people with a passion for protecting consumers and families of limited income from the brutality of market manipulators.

Today, Union Co-operative Society is one of Dubai’s biggest supermarket chains, catering to hundreds of thousands of people every year. The main “business” being retail itself, all business operations are practiced through ten superstore branches across the city which are supported by two major shopping malls also called Union Coop – this way offering more products to everyone!

Strategies of union Coop

Vision and Mission

Vision: The most sought out shopping experience for all their customer needs.
Mission: A store that sells everything you can think of under one roof. Everything is tailored to fit all of your needs while also being very affordable for anyone to enjoy their products!

Values of Union Coop

Good Corporate reputation: Sincerely started from the roots of its founder, managed by a team full of passion and enthusiastic to share-and-give, the company’s ambition is limitless because these newly conceived ideas never ends.

Effective Leadership: Effective leadership is demonstrated by the ability to help your team take right and quick decisions in all areas of work. How do they accomplish their goals? By doing things for others, by serving them and meeting their needs, we know we will get what we’re capable of giving. If we learn to reach out and serve others – it will reach back and serve us.

Work as a Team: Working together is key to Union Coop. As they says, we are all in this together, and every one of us brings something different to the table which makes our company all that much stronger when we’re working towards the same goal ­– or in our case when we’re working on achieving success. Because by working together, everyone has more parts of the puzzle available to them than they would individually. And that makes for a happier team with better output!

Customer Support: Union Coop make sure they continually provide an excellent service to the customers by employing exceptional and up-to-date technologies and keep prices competitive. They listen to the customers’ opinions and implement them within the business to develop it and flourish beyond expectation!


Union Coop UAE offers various activities related to establishing hypermarkets and initiating cooperative systems within UAE. The company is the largest consumer co-operative in the United Arab Emirates, operating 23 branches and four malls (Al Barsha Mall, Etihad Mall ,Al Warqa City Mall and Al Barsha South). Union Coop also launched two grocery chains: Mini Cooper and Coop, a new concept that makes it the first consumer distributive cooperative to include a smart shopping concept in many of its branches in MENA region. Additionally, Union Coop plays an active part in stabilizing prices through promotional campaigns and real-value offers for all shoppers.

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