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United Hypermarket

United Hypermarket has been successfully serving the Dubai community since 2000. The company was founded after an astute retailer recognized a unique opportunity in the emerging retail sector of the Emirate of Dubai and decided to pursue it. Since then, United Hypermarket has diversified and is now home to over 1000 products and services, making them one of Dubai’s foremost market leaders!

Brief History United Hypermarket

Based in Deira, Dubai, Unite Market started as a retailer in 2000 and is renowned for its quality, variety and availability of products. It started by seeing the demand and opportunities available to it. United Marketnow has a 24-hour business model that delivers on the customer’s needs. The company’s business started after they recognized the demand of the market and introduced new lines of food items that have caters to their needs. This is what made them turn into a 24 hour hypermarket.


United Hypermarket is a hypermarket chain of food retail stores in UAE. The company was established in 2000. It is one of the largest retail chains in the Middle East. Hypermarkets sell food, pharmaceuticals, home goods, clothing, and other household items. They are usually larger than supermarkets and smaller than department stores.

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