Viva Stores

Viva Stores

Viva Stores is the first UAE food discounter, setting out to help customers find the best food products at the lowest prices. VIVA means ‘long live’ in Italian, and we make your life better in many ways. As a food discounter retailer, they offer many high-quality products at lower prices for you to enjoy.

VIVA stores are your neighborhood stores that are only steps away from your home. Besides groceries, they also offer other products like clothes, footwear, and more to cater to a diverse customer base.

Brief History Viva Stores

Since our opening on February 28th at the Grand Avenue Mall, shoppers in Sharjah, Ajman & Deira can now enjoy FRESHER and CHEAPER shopping.
All the products reflect European design’s passion, taste, and quality. Thanks to their experience buying team’s hard work, your company will never be bogged down by expensive brands. In addition, they also offer local options if you’re interested. At Viva, they will always do their best to fulfill your needs. If you are not 100% satisfied with what you receive, you can go back, and they will replace the item or return your money back.

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